Nick and Nino's Coal Fired Grill

The 2011 Pizza Tour has officially started. First stop on the tour was Nick and Nino's. We needed a place to set the bar and Nick and Nino's did just that. The live entertainment and fire breathing bartender caught our attention at first, but as we were being seated we got a live look at the foundation of the restaurant...... it's brick oven! Got our seats, grabbed our menus and took in the wonderful aroma. The tour is on!

We each ordered our own pie to evaluate a couple of different tastes. Here is our take on each pizza.

Joe's Selection- The Margherita - Pepperoni Mozzarella, olive oil and fresh basil.

The moment I sat down I wanted to eat. The atmosphere alone makes you hungry! The menu is well designed. I decided to go with a speciality pizza called "The Margherita." The pizza arrived in no time. Thin crust style however till soft. The bread in embedded with the flavor from the coal fire which enhances the stage that the ingredients play on. ALL fresh ingredients. I knew it the moment I took my first bite. Not to mention the first slice passed the cheese stretch test with flying colors. Anytime you pull a slice away from the pie and the cheese stretches "ITS A GOOD THING." One thing that I love about this pie is that you test everything individually. The cheese, the sauce, the toppings and the crust all represent and they accentuate each other perfectly. I was very impressed. Go to Nick and Nino's!

Matt's Selection- Pepperoni & Ham

Wow. From the first to the last bite this pizza was amazing. The New York style hand tossed crust tastes great baked in the coal fire brick oven. Soft without being soggy. Crisp around the edges. I found it incomparable to any national chain's crust. The sauce is incredible as well. It's very fresh tasting with great consistency and good seasoning. It definitely has a signature taste. The cheese continues the trend of quality and freshness and is a perfect compliment to the sauce and crust. Layer by layer this pizza gets better and better and the toppings do not disappoint. The pepperonis have plenty of flavor and aren't overly greasy. The ham is sliced perfect and tastes excellent as well. Overall I am very impressed with this pizza. I will be back to eat it and highly recommend it.

After we ate we had the pleasure of being taken on a tour of the kitchen by the owner Nino Perna. This is actually a common practice and was not offered to us because of the Pizza Tour. The oven was phenomenal. The wood stone surface the pizza cooks on stays around 600 degrees and the air above bellows around at 1000 degrees. With those temps the pizza is ready in only a few minutes. We found out the freshness we tasted was no coincident. The sauce is made daily from crushed plumb tomatoes. The vegetables are caramelized in small batches as needed. High quality mozzarella is shredded on the spot. If that isn't enough the meat is cooked and sliced in house as well. This was an excellent way to start of Pizza Tour 2011. The food and service were both great.

We suggest all of you try this pizza as well as we have awarded it with our 6 Slice Rating!

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